Shilla Fire

Shilla Fire is a company from Korea that has been in the industry for over 20 years and have a wide range of products such as hydrants, monitors, nozzles, sprinklers, and foam heads. They are designed to be durable, easy to use, and effective in different fire situations.
Dinar Inti Duba is the main distributor for Shilla Fire at Indonesia.

Foam Equipment - Discharge Device

Foam Equipment - Proportioner

Foam Equipment - Foam Tank

Foam Equipment - Mobile Foam Unit

Foam Equipment - Foam Trailer

Foam Equipment - Foam Hydrant Box

Foam Equipment - Foam Agent

Hydrant - Dry Barrel Hydrant

Hydrant - Wet Barrel Hydrant

Hydrant - Post Indicator Valve

Hydrant - Underground Hydrant

Monitor - Remote and Manual

Nozzle - Pistol Nozzle

Nozzle - Fog and Straight Nozzle

Nozzle - Stacked And Branch Pipe

Nozzle - Water Monitor Nozzle

Nozzle - Foam Nozzle

Nozzle - Multi-Purpose Nozzle

Spray Nozzle - Water Spray

Spray Nozzle - Sprinkler Head

Spray Nozzle - Sprinkler Joint

Special Equipment - Fire Hose

Special Equipment - Hose Support Tool

Special Equipment - Rescue Equipment

Special Equipment - Tester and Others

Special Equipment - Air Vent

Special Equipment - Wrench

Special Equipment - Fire Extingusiher



Variety Coupling

Monitor Valve

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We are passionate about fire protection and safety. We are a growing company that offers a range of products and services to meet your needs. You can trust us to deliver quality, reliability, and innovation. We are here to help you reach your goal of a safer and more secure environment.

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