4100ES Network Display Units

Local annunciation and control for up to 12,000 network points

Stay in control of your fire alarm system with local annunciation of up to 12,000 points on your network. The Simplex 4100ES Network Display Unit (NDU) delivers emergency, trouble, and other event notification from its monitored points on an LCD or optional full-color touch screen display.


  • Convenient control and annunciation: A purpose-built master controller that puts you in charge of up to 12,000 network points.
  • Emergency voice communication: Add voice communication easily to enhance safety and emergency response.
  • Future-proof design: Simplex control units can be easily upgraded to the latest technology.
  • Easy-to-use operator interface: The NDU features a 2 x 40-character LCD. An optional color touch screen display makes accessing system reports and responding to emergencies simple and intuitive. An easy-to-use, color touch screen interface is also available.
  • Network data, audio, and firefighter telephones: Connect 4100ES, NDUs, and other Simplex control units together – and to the TrueSite Workstation graphical management console -using ES Net.