Addressable Beam Detectors

Optical beam technology provides smoke detection in large, open areas where it is either impractical or not cost-effective to use traditional point-type sensors.

  • Advanced protection for large, open spaces
  • AutoAlign and AutoOptimise make installation easy and help you keep your system in peak operating condition
  • A range of options to meet the specific needs of your facility
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  • Installation flexibility: Up to two detector heads can report to one controller. The controller can be mounted at ground level for easy access.
  • Continuous optimization: The AutoOptimize feature keeps the beam adjusted for maximum performance.
  • Built in electronic UL/ULC obscuration acceptance fire test.
  • Fire alarm control unit display: Users receive smoke status, controller-to-detector communication status, trouble status, analog signal strength values and compensation level.
  • Easy alignment: A built-in laser-assisted prism mounting supports faster alignment and installation.
  • Broad coverage: Lateral detection up to 30 ft. (9.144 m) on either side of the beam provides a maximum total coverage area of up to 19,800 square feet (1,829 square meters).
  • Fire alarm control unit-accessible settings: Users can select the sensitivity level, set the almost-dirty threshold, and initiate obscuration tests.