TrueAlarm Addressable IO Modules and Peripherals

You can add addressability to conventional devices, such as flow switches with Simplex addressable modules.

  • Easily interface other devices and systems to your Addressable Simplex fire alarm control unit
  • Provide point identification, monitoring, and control to conventional devices and external systems
  • Power and communication isolation to increase system integrity
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  • Individual addressable modules (IAMs): Receiving both power and communications from a two-wire circuit, IAMs provide location-specific addressability to a single initiating device (such as single station smoke detector alarm contacts or heat detector cont
  • The Security Monitor IAM: Get location-specific addressability for up to five initiating devices, such as window or door magnet switch contacts or other similar security devices.
  • IDNet/MAPNET II Monitor ZAMs: Users can enable a single addressable point to monitor a conventional initiating device circuit (IDC) populated with 2-wire or 4-wire initiating devices.
  • IDNet Relay IAMs: These modules allow the fire alarm control unit to control a remotely-located Form “C” contact. Typical applications include elevator capture and control of HVAC components, such as pressurization fans and dampers.
  • The Single Address Six Point Module: This module allows the IDNet communication channel to monitor four T-sense input circuits and control two output relays from a single compact module requiring a single address.
  • Communications Isolators: These devices provide IDNet communication and power isolation, improving installation convenience and increasing system integrity.