Compressor Control Air Maintenance Device AMD-2

The AMD-2 controls the on-off cycling of an air compressor. It is used to control the pressure in a dry pipe sprinkler system, pre-action system, or dry pilot line.

  • UL and C-UL Listed, FM Approved, NYC Approved under MEA 206-02-E Field adjustable
  • Used in conjunction with a small, non-tank-mounted air compressor
  • Monitors sprinkler system or dry pilot line detection and automatically cycles the compressor to maintain system pressure within preset limits


The AMD-2 is designed for applications requiring a small, non-tank mounted compressor dedicated to system pressurization. The unit monitors system pressure and automatically cycles the air compressor on and off to maintain the pressure within preset limits. This model features a pressure switch with an unloading valve that automatically bleeds the pressure between the air compressor and the AMD-2 device after the air compressor automatically shuts off.