Container Valve RGS-MAM-11-3

Their function is to allow the discharge of extinguishing agent from the cylinders via the various types of release mechanism.
The valve, designed and manufacture for IG-541 gas containers, is the result of extensive R&D and has unique built-in safety features. The valve is factory fitted to the container.
The valve is provided with a pressure gauge and burst disc which meets the DOT and TPED requirements.


The valve is a high flow, quick opening valve specially designed for fire protection use. It operates using a differential pressure piston mechanism. The container pressure is used with the valve to create a positive force on the piston, thus sealing the valve. The valve opens when pressure is relieved from the upper chamber and the piston move upwards, thus allowing the IG-541 gas to flow out through the pilot line. The upper chamber pressure is relieved via an actuator

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