Dry Barrel Hydrant

Dry barrel hydrant is an outdoor type that is installed in the residential area or around various facilities to be supplied with firefighting water quickly during fire, and the hydrant is connected to the underground pipe to be operated above ground.
When the valve is open, the firefighting water is supplied through the outlet, and when closed, the water inside is drained automatically to prevent risk of freezing burst. The 6” large-size installed mostly in plant facilities such as petrochemical complex has 3-WAY of Pump Connector and Hose Connector, and 4-WAY possible for installing even the monitor. Also, Open/Close Indicator Hydrant is possible to check the open/close condition and Its pressure. The 6” mid-size has 3-WAY and 4-WAY, and 4” small-size is composed of 2-WAY. Various valves can be selected and attached for both convenience and speed, and the 4-WAY can select the Valve, Monitor & nozzle according to field condition.

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