Foam Chamber – Circle Type

It is a fixed type foam fire-extinguishing system that is installed on the upper side of combustible oil storage tank and discharges
the foam to the surface of fluid stored inside the tank in case of fire to separate oxygen from air. When the aqueous solution
mixed with the foam agent is released through the orifice inside the foam chamber, the barrier film for preventing the backflow
of oil mist ruptures and the low-expansion foam is generated by mixing the aqueous solution and the inhaled air.
The foam is not scattered by the deflector installed on the inner wall of the tank, but flows along the inner wall,
and flows on the surface of the oil. Vapor seal for blocking the inside of the foam chamber includes seal glass and a rupture disc.
It prevents oil mist and gas generated from stored oil etc. from entering the piping connected to the foam chamber to protect
life and damage of equipment, which ruptures and releases foam.
A deflector includes type II used for a cone roof tank and floating roof tank.
Inlet pressure should be at least 3.5 barg or higher when installing a foam chamber.

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