IG-55 (Argon + Nitrogen)

RG System Green Flow IG-55 (Ar & N2) at 2900 & 4350 PSI (200 & 300 BAR)


The mixture that composes the IG-55 agent is a combination of molecular nitrogen and argon to 50%, which has unique properties to optimize its action: the stratification of agents in levels (argon in the lower part and nitrogen above) gives comprehensive protection in the full height of the enclosure and minimizes the effect of the leaks.
The application of pressurized gas advantageously affects the extinguishing efficiency: the gases are
very miscible with each other, whereby the concentration is homogeneous. Moreover, the pressure ensures tridimensional action across the obstacles or cable shields.

It allows coordinating an effective response to the fire with the flexibility of design, configuration of equipment and protection of present personnel before the operating requirements. It is versatile, as it enables the protection of a large number of hazards throughout its height with the help of the mix of agents. It is effective and safe, with good
inertization capacity. Does not interact with the devices: its neutral nature limits its action up to extinguishing
of the fire. It’s compatible with the usual building materials and offers every guarantee in the event of an evacuation.
On removing from the ambient air, it is ECOLOGICAL: neither deteriorate the ozone layer (ODP) nor produce warming (GWP). At the same time, it is clean and does not generate waste, and is recommended for delicate items.

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