Intelligent Monitor Modules FMM-1, FMM-101, FZM-1, FDM-1

Features & Benefits:

  • Built-in type identification automatically identifies this device as a monitor module to the control panel
  • SEMS screws with clamping plates for ease of wiring
  • Direct-dial entry of address: 01 – 159
  • LED indication for normal or off normal indication

FMM-1 Monitor Module

  • Class A supervised wiring to the monitored device

FMM-101 Mini Monitor Module

  • Class B supervised wiring to the monitored device
  • Smaller size fits inside devices or junction boxes

FZM-1 Zone Interface Monitor Module

  • Transmits the status of one zone of 2-wire detectors to the fire alarm control panel
  • Status conditions are reported as normal, open, or alarm

FDM-1 Dual Monitor Module

  • Monitors two separate Class B circuits


Intelligent monitor modules for diverse applications.

NOTIFIER’s offers a variety of intelligent monitor modules for diverse applications. Monitor modules supervise a circuit of dry-contact input devices, such as conventional heat detectors and pull stations, or monitor and power a circuit of two-wire smoke detectors. Monitor modules model numbers include the FMM-1, FMM-101, FZM-1 and FDM-1.