Manual Reset Actuator MRA-1

  • Hydraulic latch keeps the valve in the tripped position following actuation
  • Bronze body
  • Provides external reset function
  • Pressure rating: 300 psi (20,7 bar)


In the event of a fire, a releasing device (solenoid valve, dry pilot actuator, or manual control station) trips the MRA-1 actuator by releasing pressure from the plunger/seal chamber. This causes the spring to lift the plunger seal from the closed-set position to the open-trip position. Tripping the MRA-1 actuator releases water from the DV-5A diaphragm chamber through the MRA-1 actuator, which allows the DV-5A valve to open and water to flow into the piping system. After the system is shut down, the actuator also provides an external reset feature to allow resetting of the DV-5A valve.