MJC Multiple Jet Controls

  • Fully automatic using proven frangible glass bulb as the heat detection medium
  • Defined areas of protection to provide total coverage of specific zones
  • DN25, DN40, and DN50 have option for thermoelectric actuation that can be used in combination with highly sensitive detection systems and/or manual electric actuation
  • LPCB Approved
  • Installed upright (heat sensitive bulb at top) for water supplies from either a dry pipe or deluge system or pendent (heat sensitive bulb at bottom) for a water supply from a wet system
  • DN25, DN40, and DN50 provided with protective guard
  • Only available in Europe


Available in DN20 through DN50 pipe sizes, Tyco® Series MJC multiple jet controls are control valves with self-contained heat-actuating units. Upon operation, the MJCs permit a flow of extinguishing medium (usually water) through open spray devices, such as nozzles or non-automatic (open) sprinklers. The MJCs are typically used as an auxiliary deluge valve to control the flow of water to specific as within a larger wet pipe, dry pipe, or deluge system. As such, they can be used with supply piping from either a wet pipe system or a dry pipe or deluge system. In all cases, waterflow alarms are provided by the main automatic control valve for the system that supplies the supply line to the Series MJC multiple jet controls (e.g., alarm valves, dry pipe valves, or deluge valves).