MX Addressable Callpoints

Simplex MX callpoints offer a comprehensive range of break-glass devices for projects that require a loop-powered, software addressable approach.

  • Compact design suits any environment
  • Designed for fast and easy installation
  • Callpoints can be tested without breaking the glass


  • Loop-powered, addressable callpoints: Power, control, and supervision of the callpoints are delivered via a single loop, reducing wiring and simplifying installation.
  • Agency approvals: Sensors meet stringent EN requirements.
  • Wide range of options: Products offer a small, compact design and a range of mounting options: bases with and without isolation; loop-powered sounder bases; single and dual I/O modules; relay, signal, monitor, and separate line-powered isolator modules; Indoor and outdoor break glass call points; single and dual action manual stations.
  • Easy activation: Pressing on and breaking the glass element operates a micro-switch, signaling an alarm to the control unit.
  • Easy installation and testing: Designed for fast, easy installation, MX callpoints can be tested and reset using a key and without the need to break or replace the glass element.
  • Appealing design: Low profile and sleek contoured design help the devices blend into a facility’s environment.