Pilot Bottle

This bottle serves to actuate the cylinders in a bank of 10 or more cylinders or whenever selector valves are used.

It consists of a 0.07, 0.24, 0.47 ft³ (2, 6.7 or 13.4 l) cylinder, a protective flange and a RGS-MAM-11-4 or 12-4 valve with pressure gauge. These in turn have a built-in re-assembled electrical actuator head (227SOLC) together with the manual actuator head (227DM, 227DMS, 227CMC, 227CMCC or 227CNM) or mechanical control unit (TK-SIMPLEX, TK-SIMPLEX-B, TK-SIMPLEX-C, TK-COMPLEX, TK-COMPLEX-B, and TK-COMPLEX-C).

Charged with dry nitrogen, it is actuated by an electric or manual signal and its purpose is to actuate the extinguishing agent cylinder bank. When the pilot bottle is actuated, the gas flows through the activation hoses and pneumatically actuates the various pneumatic actuator heads (227CN, 227CNTK or 227CNM), which, in turn, actuate the slave valves of the cylinders containing the extinguishing agent.

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