Portable Fire Rescue Equipment (4 types)

Long sickle, fire broom, ceiling destroyer, rake (Standard length: 2.7 Meter)


Long Sickle (SL-61-AA)
Mostly in wood fire or on forest fire, this equipment is for removing trees and bushes to prevent fire from spreading.
The sickle is heat-treated and tempered in high-temperature to increase the hardness, and the blade is sharpened for easy cutting. Rod Material: Fiberglass

Fire Broom (SL-61-BA)
Mostly in forest fire, the remaining fire is beat to prevent the fire from spreading. The broom is used with thin rubber plate with thread inside to be lightweight and to be prevented from damage. Rod Material: Fiberglass

Ceiling Destroyer (SL-61-SH)
During building fire and extinguishing remaining fire, inflammables located in high places such as the ceiling are destroyed and pulled down to present recurrence of the fire.
Rod Material: Fiberglass or Aluminum.

Rake (SL-61-MH)
Mostly in wood fire or on forest fire, inflammables are pulled and cut to be removed for preventing the spread of fire. Rod Material: Fiberglass

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