Preaction Type A Valve EN12845 Compliance DV-5


Fire protection systems controlled by the TYCO DV-5 Preaction Type A Valve utilize automatic sprinklers and a sup-plemental detection system. The sup-plemental detection system is typically comprised of 24 VDC heat detectors, smoke detectors, and manual pull sta-tions. Actuation of the detection system automatically operates (releases) the DV-5 Deluge Valve, allowing water to flow into the sprinkler piping system and to be discharged from any sprin-klers that may subsequently open. In the event of loss of power, the DV-5 Deluge Valve with Preaction Type A Trim will act as a regular dry-pipe valve station. The Preaction Type A assembly is rated for a maximum service pres-sure of 16 bar.
These DV-5 Preaction Type A Valves have been designed in accordance with the EN12845 Standard describing Pre-action Type A Trim criteria. This stan-dard defines operation as a dry pipe system activated by an automatic fire detection system but not operation of sprinklers.
Typically, the system designer selects detection components for the DV-5 Preaction Type A Valves that will respond to a fire sooner than the auto-matic sprinklers. Consequently, the system will experience a minimal delay in water delivery over that for a wet pipe sprinkler system because the system will have begun to fill with water before a sprinkler operates. Preaction Type A systems will need to be designed as wet pipe systems or according to the local authority having jurisdiction.
DV-5 Preaction Type A Valves are gen-erally used to protect areas where there is danger of serious water damage that might result from damaged automatic sprinklers or piping. Typically, such areas include computer rooms, storage