QRS Electronic Dry Pipe Accelerator

Quick release switch for dry pipe or preaction systems

The Tyco® QRS electronic dry pipe accelerator helps reduce accelerator operating time and false trip issues that often occur with traditional mechanical accelerators.

  • Operation of the dry pipe or preaction valve within four seconds — independent of various combinations of system initial air pressures, system volumes, or sprinkler K-factors
  • Can be used to retrofit existing mechanical accelerators
  • Helps reduce false trips typically experienced with mechanical accelerators


This electronic accelerator is a quick-opening device intended to reduce the operating time of a dry pipe valve in a dry pipe system or an automatic control valve (deluge valve) in a double-interlock electric/electric preaction system. The QRS electronic dry pipe accelerator automatically adjusts to both small and slow changes in system pressure, but it trips with a steady drop in pressure. This device comes fully assembled and has a battery backup in case of primary power failure.