Re-Assembled Electrical Actuator Head 227SOLCR

The electrical discharge head 227SOLCR ONLY can be connected to the actuation port of the valve RGS-MAM-03/3A and it shall be fixed with an O-ring between the revolving nut (which allows its right orientation) and the RGS-MAM-03/3A


The purpose of this discharge head is to actuate the valves of the cylinders on which it is fitted electro-mechanically. It will activate when the coil is energised, which will cause the solenoid to operate and actuate the valve. This actuator can be reset (pointer goes back to the stand by position) by threading a reset screw in its revolving nut.

The mechanism for fitting it to the cylinder valve using a swivel nut allows it to face the right direction.
All devices are to be installed in accordance with NFPA 70 “National Electrical Code” and with local electrical code requirements. If installation conditions require special protection, please contact Siex to discuss availability of suitably rated enclosures.

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