RG Systems N1230

RG System NC1230 uses the FK5-1-12 extinguishing agent to set up a system of rapid andeffective release to protect equipment and people at the first signs of danger.
It is an agent which RESPECTS delicate goods, documents and electronic equi-pment in the room. Due to its physical and chemical characteristics, it does not wet or soak. It is very suitable for protecting valuable items (historical objects, paintings, electronics, etc.).


FK 5-1-12 is an extinguishing compound similar to water in appearance,with special properties that make it suitable for the protection of sensitive pro-perty. Its use is limited to combustible solid, flammable liquid and energized electrical fires.
Installation is conventional at low pressure and with little need for storage space. Pressurization with dry nitrogen, coupled with low-power of vaporization, ensu-res very fast change of phase in the nozzles and discharge in the premises, with a low design concentration (% vol.) required for total extinguishing.
With respect to user protection, it is worth noting that the FK5-1-12 agent hasa high safety margin due to its low design concentration as compared to themaximum no-observed adverse effect level (NOAEL) for occupants.

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