Simplex ES Net IP Based Life Safety Network

Supporting up to 687 nodes, ES Net is incredibly scalable and highly resilient with the capacity to handle even the largest multi-building campus environments.

  • One network carries data, audio, firefighter telephone, and supplemental system data
  • ES Net features automatic notification appliance synchronization and no special programming, wiring, or adapter modules are required
  • ES Net can support virtually any size facility, from a single building to a large campus with hundreds of nodes


  • High speed, high capacity: The TCP/IP-based, 100 Mbps network supports up to seven network loops and 687 nodes.
  • Faster, easier system upgrades: A technician connected to a single ES Net node can upload software updates to all 99 nodes on a network loop in minutes.
  • Easy migration for existing Simplex installations: ES Net and Simplex 4120 networks can be integrated using a TrueSite Workstation, allowing both types of networks to be monitored on the same console.
  • Multiple topology support: A wide range of supported configurations means greater design and installation flexibility. ES Net also allows you to mix and match media.
  • Advanced diagnostics: Powerful network diagnostic tools and reports help reduce system troubleshooting time and technician effort.
  • Better fault tolerance and resiliency: ES Net is designed to be reliable and resilient, automatically reconfiguring communication when necessary.