TJP Gate Valve – Non-rising Stem (NRS)

  • Multiple end connection configurations available: flange by flange, flange by groove, and groove by groove
  • Ductile iron wedge gate, fully encapsulated with EPDM rubber
  • Backup sealing device on the OS&Y gate valve provides additional protection against potential leakage
  • Tapping bossed for up and downstream connection to valve trims
  • Corrosion-resistant components
  • UL and C-UL Listed, FM Approved, Russian Fire Certificate
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This valve is one of the lightest, most durable gate valves on the market today. The lightweight design is easy to handle and can reduce shipping costs while still providing a tight seal for your fire safety system. The TJP valve is available with either vertical indicators for underground water supplies or cross wall indicators for interior water systems. Both indicators provide external visual indication of the open or shut valve condition as well as a locking mechanism to secure a particular wedge position.