Truealarm 520 Hz Sounder Base

We’re pleased to announce the release of the new SIMPLEX 520 Hz Sounder Base. Designed to meet NFPA low-frequency signaling requirements for unattended sleeping areas, this new sounder base is a perfect solution for hospitality, education, and multi-occupancy residential applications. With the release of this new sounder base, and the previous launches of the Multi-Tone Horn and Audio System Upgrades, we now offer a complete spectrum of 520 Hz compliant solutions that allow you to provide your customers with a complete SIMPLEX solution for nearly any environment. The new sounder base also offers an efficient, cost effective way to upgrade existing SIMPLEX systems to NFPA compliance with minimal disruption.


Features Everyone Will Love
In addition to supporting the 520Hz tone, the new sounder base has features that help make installation, service and upgrades easier. 
–     Modern, shallow, reduced diameter asymmetric design looks great and blends with the environment.
–     Generates 520 Hz and broadband tones
–     Available both with and without integrated CO sensor.
–     Same installation, configuration and programming as other SIMPLEX units.
Ideal for Retrofits
The 520 Hz Sounder Base is an excellent option for customers who want to upgrade their existing systems to meet NFPA requirements. Existing SIMPLEX sensor bases can be replaced with the new 520 Hz Sounder base and both the existing sensors and wiring re-used, minimizing cost and disruption.
A Note About Power Consumption
SIMPLEX 520 Hz sounder bases have been designed to use power efficiently and when compared to 520 Hz sounder bases built by our competitors, SIMPLEX units consume significantly less electricity. Due to the physics of the 520 Hz tone, the audio circuitry required to generate it in all sounder bases – whether from SIMPLEX or other manufacturers – uses more power than non-520 Hz capable sounder bases. It’s therefore extremely important to take power consumption into account in your projects. The TrueNAC circuit calculation tool is extremely useful for modeling circuits and determining power requirements.  
–     When designing new systems, ensure the power supplies and wiring are correctly sized to support the 520 Hz Sounder Bases
–     When retrofitting an existing system, calculate the new power requirements using the 520 Hz Sounder Base and verify that the system wiring and power supplies are sufficient. Depending on the size and complexity of the system, you may need to reconfigure wiring or install additional power supplies.
520Hz Sounder Bases are compatible with the following SIMPLEX equipment: 
–        4100ES  EPS power supply
–        4010ES – EPS power supply
–        4007ES IDNAC Addressable panel
–        4009 IDNet NAC Extender
–        4009-9201 (120VAC)
–        4009-9301 (220/240VAC)
Agency Approvals
All 520 Hz Sounder Base models are listed to UL268, UL464, ULC S529 standards. The 4098-9773 model with integrated CO sensor is additionally Listed to UL 2075 and CSA 6.19-01.