TrueAlert Non-addressable Speakers & Speaker/Strobes

The perfect fire detection system is energy-efficient, dependable, easy to maintain, and excellent at alerting occupants when there’s an emergency. TrueAlert ES notification appliances deliver all this, and more.

  • Automatic compliance with synchronization requirements satisfies the ADA
  • High-quality audio and excellent message intelligibility
  • Thoughtful design enables faster, easier, and lower-cost installation


  • Audio notification for better emergency response: Audio messaging can deliver critical information, such as the nature of the threat and evacuation instructions, during emergencies, helping occupants respond more quickly and effectively.
  • Flexible mounting design for quick, convenient installation: Appliance housings are rugged, one-piece assemblies that mount to single gang, double gang, or 4” square standard electrical boxes. The appliance cover is impact and vandal resistant and can be quickly removed.
  • Strobe synchronization: Simplex systems feature advanced technology that synchronizes the flashing of your visible notification appliances to meet Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.