TrueAlert Text Messaging Appliance

Take safety to the next level with a visual messaging appliance. If an emergency strikes, our high-visibility, multi-color LED display offers an easy way to alert building occupants, and potentially save lives.

  • Helps hearing-impaired occupants get the information they need to respond to emergencies
  • The fire alarm system provides power, battery backup power, and supervision
  • UL listing provides an added level of assurance


  • A great option for noisy environments: The TrueAlert Text Messaging Appliance delivers critical alarm and response information in areas where voice announcements may be difficult to hear.
  • Flexible use: The TrueAlert Text Messaging Appliance can deliver custom messages of all kinds in the absence of an alarm condition.
  • UL listed: The TrueAlert Text Messaging Appliance is the first with a UL listing for fire alarm notification.
  • Improved support for the hearing-impaired: Critical visual information enables the hearing-impaired to take effective action in an emergency.
  • Direct fire alarm system integration: The TrueAlert Text Messaging Appliance is powered and supervised by the fire alarm system, including battery back-up.