TrueSite Workstation Management Solutions

Stay in control of your fire alarm system. Monitor and manage up to 687 control units and 250,000 devices with the Simplex TrueSite Workstation.

  • TrueSite Workstation simplifies management of even the most complex systems
  • Customizable action messages and notifications enable faster, more efficient emergency response
  • TrueSite Workstation BSIU enables cost-effective management for smaller facilities


  • Powerful functionality: TrueSite Workstation can manage 250,000 devices, 687 fire alarm control units and store up to 500,000 system events.
  • Simultaneous display of graphical and textual alarm data on up to four display screens: Display the information in a way that’s most efficient for your facility.
  • Seamless integration: TrueSite can accept alarm information from virtually any control unit via a DACR interface, making it a centralized annunciator for all your systems.
  • Faster, more efficient emergency notification and response: TrueSite Workstation receives information from devices and control units across the network, alerts operators and provides customized step-by-step response instructions.
  • 3D color graphics: Building and campus maps visually pinpoint the locations of fire, emergency, supervisory and trouble conditions throughout the network.
  • Access your system information from anywhere: Client-server design allows up to 60 people to view system status and event logs using their own computers. The Mobile Client option puts TrueSite Workstation on your phone so you are always in touch and have