SprinklerSense Intelligent Flow Switch

LPCB Approved intelligent water flow switch
Listings and Approvals: LPCB Approved; meets BS EN12259 –5 standards
Pressure Rating: 20 bar (290 psi)
Sizes: 2 inch – 6 inch (DN50 to DN150)


Equip your business to protect its most important assets with the next generation of flow switches, sprinkler monitors, and maintenance technology. Meet SprinklerSense, an intelligent water flow switch that enables your sprinkler system’s status to be constantly monitored, tested, and recorded to far greater depths than traditional methods. SprinklerSense features precise reporting, enhanced diagnostics, and on-demand testing to keep you informed from wherever you’re working. It also uses solid-state sensors with no moving parts and greatly reduces the time to test and commission a system.