Hygood High Pressure CO2 Suppression System

A naturally occurring compound with no measurable environmental impact, making it ideal for non-occupied
spaces* that can be totally flooded by a suppression agent for maximum effect, CO2 is collected, stored and
processed for use as a fire suppression solution. Providing personnel are trained in the hazards, safety precautions and operation of CO2 systems during and after discharge, CO2 is an economical fire suppression solution for protecting numerous industrial applications


Carbon Dioxide systems have been used in fire protection for over 100 years. HYGOOD High Pressure Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Systems are especially effective for non-occupied hazards. Whatever the application, from cylinders to nozzle, each system is custom-designed for your specific fire hazards.

High pressure systems use individual storage cylinders that can be manifolded together for rapid simultaneous discharge. Cylinders valves can be operated automatically or manually, and either locally or remotely using electric, pneumatic or mechanical actuators.

CO2 is the only gaseous agent where the design rules specifically provide guidance on the protection of deep seated hazards. Total flooding or local application systems are designed to meet the requirements of NFPA 12, BS5306-4, CEA4007 or ISO6183 and are specifically designed using hydraulic flow calculation software. The system is VdS approved and components meet the requirements of EN12094 and Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).

To help ensure safety, all personnel must be trained to the safety and operational aspects of the CO2 system.